Friday, 18 February 2011

Not a candle...a lighter!=)

 Happy Birthday Mom!!! We love you! So, instead of trying to find a hundred candles
Dad decided to use a lighter that could never burn out=+)JK Love you Mom♡ Becca
is in the background holding Mom's chocolate blackberry cheesecake...yummy! We
had homemade pizza too. It was great. Joe and Becca were able to come home and help
celebrate Mom's birthday, so that was really special.

...up close shot of Mumzie blowing out her birthday lighter!=)
She actually got the flame out on the first blow!!!yeah!
(Oh ya, by the way none of us

I am sure you all looked at this and said"what is she 
doing?" Well, I can explain that with a short story=) So, I 
got an email from Becca asking me if I knew of anything that
Mom needed or wanted. I told her maybe a mouse pad and 
some "eating"size spoons. Joe went to her house and they both
went shopping for Mom's gifts. Becca picked out the normal 
size spoon and said that they were "eating" size spoons. Joe argued
and said "no, I really think this is the right size". He picked out 
a set of huge soup spoons. Joe insisted that the spoons he found 
were the perfect size for eating. We all had a good laugh at him 
'cause he shovels his food in, so those big spoons were "just the right size."
In this pic. Mom is posing with her spoons...with her mouth wide open.=)
Haha!!!!Love it....


PrincessR said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Aunt Jimmie!
Love your "candle". :D
And the spoons!

Spencer Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Jimmie! It is so good to "see" you and that beautiful kitchen. However, dear photographer, we really need pictures of everyone! :-)

BTW, my boys think that size spoon is just right too.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Happy Belated birthday, Aunt Jimmie!!! It looks like you had a good time!!

That is so funny about the spoons!! I sounds just like something Josh would do!! ;)

Love you all!!