Tuesday, 1 December 2009

More Of Our Trip...

These are icicles on Red Mountain...When I look at
this picture I am reminded of how Great our God Is ...
He has made so many creative things...just to show us how
small we are and how Very Great He is!!

I thought this was a beautiful building in Ouray CO.I didn't get a great pic

because we went by it ...quickly!:):)

I Love to see water!!!

While on our way to Colby and Allison's we saw these
interesting looking "things"... then we found a sign that said
they were stables!

Logan, Desi, and Vanessa looking up
The question is looking up at what?
...Signed Manny...

Colby's family, left to right:
Ryan,Colby, Allison and Logan.

Cutest Little Nephews!!