Tuesday, 1 December 2009

More Of Our Trip...

These are icicles on Red Mountain...When I look at
this picture I am reminded of how Great our God Is ...
He has made so many creative things...just to show us how
small we are and how Very Great He is!!

I thought this was a beautiful building in Ouray CO.I didn't get a great pic

because we went by it ...quickly!:):)

I Love to see water!!!

While on our way to Colby and Allison's we saw these
interesting looking "things"... then we found a sign that said
they were stables!

Logan, Desi, and Vanessa looking up
The question is looking up at what?
...Signed Manny...

Colby's family, left to right:
Ryan,Colby, Allison and Logan.

Cutest Little Nephews!!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Our Snowy Vacation!

This was taken the very first day of our trip. We were on
our way to our Grandparents in Aztec. (It was not very good
traveling weather, but perfect weather for photography!!:)

Everyone had to have a turn on Granpa's scooter...



Wow! I think Dad was having fun! I know he looks
like he's having a hard time...you just have to know Dad...
he's funny and is our class clown.:) ha...ha

Friday, 27 November 2009

Desiree and Felisha made my 19th Birthday Cake
(It was a German chocolate cake):)

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...just a lit'l frosting left over!!!...:):)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"Never an End to Cow Work!"...

Manny, Desi, and Joe getting ready to roundup
the cattle.


I thought this was a pretty cool pic.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Kitchen Remodeling/Summer Project

As you can see... Dad is tearing out our old kitchen sink and
cabinets, with...Lots of help!

Away with the old cabinets...

-that is our lovely kitchen !

Yea! Our beautiful hardwood kitchen floor!

Partly finished kitchen.(we had to wait on the counter-
tops for about week so we had to eat in our camper)

...And this is our present kitchen! ( I still think the little prep-sink
is very cute!:):-)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hot Coffee... mmm

We do have our wood stove in , but we have only used it once this week. Just last week we were
bundled in sweaters and blankets... and enjoying a cup of coffee:) (I really do enjoy the winter-
as long as we are not in it.) I think our family has never been deprived of coffee, I don't know if
that is a good thing or not. We make at least 2 pots of coffee a day, and then wonder why we are
so lively in the evenings ...hmmm. "Enough on coffee, That's quite enough" commands Desi. Ha Ha
That was just some yummy , coffee , random thoughts.?

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Okay that title was not a negative title, I really like the apples we have picked this summer-there is just
alot of them... I just have to stop and think .... There are alot of needy children in the world who would
absolutely love to have anything to eat. God has really blessed us abundantly and I know we don't thank
him enough.
Anyway we picked apples from the orchard of the Popes' (some of our friends) and apples from an apple
tree in "downtown" Claunch. We have canned pie apples, apple sauce, and dried lots. My favorite apple
product is apple juice so I am hoping to make some of that very soon.:) Here are just a few photos of our
busy apple season!

pretty, tasty, yummy apples

(I figured anyone could figure out what the other
photos were but I thought I would clarify what this
was- our apple syrup to put in pie apples.)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Shipping Calves To Dalhart

Dad decided to send a truck load of calves to a sale barn in Dalhart, Texas. We got up early and
drove to another ranch we are leasing, to prepare and serve breakfast to the crew and start up our day...

Time to get up! yes that is very early... (our
whole family was restless that night and did
not get to sleep 'til midnight... So, that was a
short nights sleep.)

Some of the gathering crew(left to right) Joe, Desi, Manny, Ethan Urban & Mr. Urban.

Mr. Urban preparing de-worming gun.

The Best Mother In the World, ranch wife , and cook!!:)
Mr. Pete, Joe, Mr. Urban, and Dad sorting the calves from their moms.

Our cowgirl Desi

Dad and Mr. Pete getting vaccine guns ready to use.

Dad loading the calves into the cattle truck.

There they go!!:)