Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dulces Y Galleta!!! mmmm.....

                                                Lovely bag of sugar...the main contents of
                                                most sugar cookies=)DUH!

                                             We got to babysit our two nephews, so Mom
                                              thought making cookies would be a fun
                                              project....It was!(Of course!) This is Felisha
                                              and Logan mixing up the dough. Logan said that
                                              since he was a really good cook, he would need
                                              to wear an apron.(not because he is messy or

                                                      Our innocent little Ryan"making
                                                      cookies. He rolled the dough into
                                                      little globs and then he would say
                                                      "This not big enough to make cookie.
                                                        Me eat it?" He is such a cutie!

                                                Dad said that these were the best sugar cookies
                                                we have ever made. Mom told him it was
                                                probably because they were made with little
                                                boy slobbers...

                                                 -  Display of the dipped candies "to be"-

                                                      Resees ball in the process of dipping....

                                            Bon bons and Resees balls dipped in chocolate
                                            and almond bark.

                                              Mom made delicious pecan tasies. They are just
                                              the right size for pecan pie. Pecan pie is so rich
                                              that these tiny "pies" are perfect.
                                                  -Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Cookies-

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Season to Blog About!!!

                                              I guess I cannot make excuses about why I have  
                                              not been keeping our blog updated...but I am 
                                              going to try anyway...I have been very busy!!
                                             So it is Christmas time---Yea! I love love this time
                                             of year to celebrate Jesus birth! The picture(above)
                                             is my cute little "gingerbread" nativity scene. I 
                                             made it last week at the home of dear friends of 
                                             ours. It was so much fun to make and I can't wait
                                             to eat it. "Jesus" is made of a tootsie roll and his
                                             head is a yellow M&M...yummy!

                                             The snow in the picture is white frosting, of course.
                                             My reasons for mentioning the obvious, was to 
                                             give me opportunity for announcing that we have 
                                             not had our Christmas snow. I do love the looks of 
                                             snow and the fact that it gives moisture to the grass,
                                             although I would like it more if it were warm...
                                             Anyway I do hope we get to have our 
                                             "White Christmas!" =)
                                            What are your Christmas plans??? Love to hear 
                                             from you! I would tell you our Christmas plans but
                                             they change everyday...JK...(almost!wink-wink=)