Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Photo shoot in the BIG city!=)

Felisha and I packed up my backpack and took the notion to journey as far as the actually, very small, aesthetic town of Claunch!=) We had such a wonderful time together...Lisha posing and I bossing...(very unusual) JK. I took these pictures at the old school, library and grocery in downtown Claunch. I really liked the setting because of all the color blends in the walls and old chalkboards. It was amazing fun...I am so thankful that my dear little sister let me practice my photography on her. HaHa! Love her♥

                                                               "this my cute little sister"

...bad glare on the glasses=(...

(Can't decide if I like the colored or the sepia better....)

So much fun! 

Saturday, 12 March 2011

                    Mollie and Felisha. They got to do the fun work. Ha Ha! They were both being
                    very stubborn and would not let us have a turn. It really is kind of a fun job. Makes your arms really sore esp. if you do nothing but hold a pencil all day, most days.=)

Some of the corn kinda scattered around the bucket so it had to be swept up, taken out 
into the wind(to let the chaff blow away), and then poured into a basket. Later the corn is
put into bags to be sold.
Finally got a pic. of the girls smiling...with corn cobs. =) I put it in sepia 'cause the 
photo pixelated horribly.

Sweet little children...Fun little wagon times. I remember playing in our
little wagon when I was little. We would take turn pushing each other around
and letting the others ride in the wagon and steer. That was when we were little and cute=)

I was told if I wanted to post pics. of the other girls that I had to post a pic.
of myself. So here it is. I always have my face in cup.=)

She didn't exactly smile for the photo...but I thought it was still cute!

Yummy Bubblegum!=)

Cute. (You can kind of tell that we have no little children in our 
house. I really enjoy seeing these cute little faces=)

Baby Pope and big sister.....

I wanted to practice my photography...so some sweet friends
let me give it a try. I had so much fun. Thank you Popes!!!
Love you....had a great time with you all.=)

By the end of the day this is what I wanted to do...We stayed up 'til
3:00am. Whew! I really did sleep well the next night. Anyway this is a very
lovely baby. She is always smiling and laughing....that's the kind of babies I like.
Ha Ha! I know....all babies have there grumpy times but some babies are just naturally happy.=)

Felisha and I enjoyed our time bunches. We are so thankful for such wonderful friends!!
Love Ya'll!