Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Canning some good old goat! :)


                                            Last weekend we had antelope hunters
                                            on our ranch. They are all very nice. We
                                            have had them every fall for 4 yrs. Every
                                            year they donate the meat to our family!
                                            We butchered yesterday and I canned
                                            some stew today.

                                                     Sanitizing my quart jars...

                                            I put my hot antelope stew in with a little garlic &

                                           ....filled jar

                                           Just some of the quarts....made about 14 quarts.
                                           It was a busy day but lots of fun! :)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Wonderful to be back with my wonderful sister! :)


                                              I had a great time at Eagles' Wings this  
                                              cooking, cleaning and spending time with new
                                              friends, but it is nice to be back with Lisha. :)
                                              We have weeded the garden, taken pictures,
                                              played music, baked and laughed together!
                                               Since camp, I have enrolled for college, taking
                                               classes for an associates degree in Graphic
                                               So far I have made 100% on two exams! God is
                                               Amazing......Proverbs 2:6-
                                                The Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth
                                                    cometh knowledge and understanding.
                                             Great to be back and I will try to keep you all