Monday, 9 May 2011

Land of TN!!!!

We actually made it into the airplane and flew!JK Felisha and I had to have a pat down in the ABQ airport. The officer woman said that we had to have the pat down done because we were wearing "scarfs".  I just followed directions obediently but in my mind I was saying "Um excuse me mam but this here is a skirt. I know women in the U.S don't wear these anymore but this is a skirt." I decided not to say anything to her...hmmm. When she asked me to step forward and tell my age I paused for a moment and then said "oh! I am 20." I just had to stop and think how old I was. I forget that often. So anyway then she had to ask me if I was really 20. "Yes, I really am 20". She just put on her gloves for the pat down procedure and said "hum."  For some reason I thought that they had to give you a choice whether you preferred a pat down or a scan down...apparently not. =( Thankfully that was the only pat down we had to have on the whole trip.

Jus' a little traffic...sort of like Claunch. We were kind of used to it.=)Ha!

Ashley made us a cute little sign so that we would be sure to find her!=)

Pretty Water!!!!

This is awesomely beautiful! I love the pretty little rock island. I do not know how to swim and we did not have a little boat handy so we could not go over. God is so creative!

~Me and my best friend Ashley~

More water! This time it was a waterfall that we could stand in it if we wanted. I did not cause I don't know how to swim. hummmmm...

Ashley. Me. Felisha. Traveling about in the rain!=) I think it rained 3 days in the week we were in TN. It was so pretty but we could not take any senior photos during that time. Never seen so much pouring rain in all my life. I wish I could have packed my bag with some and watered our grass. Ha! it would not have been enough and I don't think I could sneak it in the plane without my bag dripping. Oh well.

An "ok" girl group picture. 

Nice sunning rock.

Our lovely photographer...Mrs. Uribe. (Ashley's mom=)

Obviously....pic. on bridge..very shaky bridge=/

I will take a small break and share more of TN with you all sometime soon!!!!


Meg said...

Hello ladies!
Don't know if you'll remember me or name is Meg, and we met one evening last fall at the Spencer's dance. That was such a fun night!
Anyway, I just enjoyed perusing your girls are so beautiful. I've been to TN as well (Nashville) and I just love it there; so green and hilly (the opposite of NM, right!).
Maybe one day we'll meet up would be fun to get to know you more. If you're ever up Clovis way, let me know.


Vanessa;) said...

Hey Meg!=)
We do remember you=) We would love to get to know you more too. We should talk more and maybe get
together sometime. Maybe you could get our e-mail
from Marissa S. I don't think it would be wise doing it over blogs=/. Hope to hear from you soon!!