Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Photo shoot in the BIG city!=)

Felisha and I packed up my backpack and took the notion to journey as far as the actually, very small, aesthetic town of Claunch!=) We had such a wonderful time together...Lisha posing and I bossing...(very unusual) JK. I took these pictures at the old school, library and grocery in downtown Claunch. I really liked the setting because of all the color blends in the walls and old chalkboards. It was amazing fun...I am so thankful that my dear little sister let me practice my photography on her. HaHa! Love her♥

                                                               "this my cute little sister"

...bad glare on the glasses=(...

(Can't decide if I like the colored or the sepia better....)

So much fun! 


Lilac Bud Gal said...

AHAHA!! I Absolutely LOVEEE It!! A wonderful photographer, and a BEAUTIfUL model!! LOVE it!! :) Those are definitely cute... :)
I absolutely love doing photo shoots. :) So, next time y'all come out....... ;) ;) lol!

Love you all!!! Your Cuzin' ;)

Whalen Family said...

cute! Love the song too. :) ~Sarah

Rebecca said...

Absolutely spectacular. She goes from being Navajo to Chinese. That's what happens when you're on the road again. BUT. Let me just say the close to the face one at the top is my vote for senior pics. :-) I need one for my clock.

Vanessa;) said...

@LBG--we will have to get together and do a photo shoot!!!! IT i great fun=)

@Whalens---I do have a very cute sister!

@Becca---Thanks.I am confused how does she go to

Whalen Family said...

only in claunch can u sit in the middle of the road without a thought of a car coming...haha and nice pic's

Prairie Momma said...

Excellent shots - I really appreciate your creative ideas in the posing, etc. I love seeing the out of the ordinary kind of shots..... SO, when can we get a "cousins" photo shoot going??? We love yoU!!!

Sarah said...

Jimmie, I left this response to your comment on my blog, but wanted to be sure you saw it :) so here it is:
Thanks, Jimmie! I'm back. . . a little, at least!

Baby slings, have one and loved it for the first 3, and then I loved my sister's Moby wrap so much, I bought my own for Ian. Sadly, he has outgrown the Moby and is too heavy for the not-as-erganomic sling (read: my back can't handle it), so right now, I usually hold him old school, and I do take him everywhere (even on my "nights off" and teaching classes--he's with me almost always).

As to a daughter wanting a project, twist my arm! We would LOVE to have some extra helping hands for a week! LOVE it! We have a guest room she could stay in and see what our crazy life looks like!

Really, Jimmie, we would welcome a guest and some help! Please contact me!

In Christ,

Rachel said...

Great job on the pics Vanessa. Felisha, I LOVE your boots! :)